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Bells for the Treaty


(Credit: Thanks to Penny Stone for this lovely catchy round.)

At 12 noon on Friday 22 January, bells are going to ring out across the UK in celebration of the Treaty entering into force. Do you know a place of worship, or a university building - or anywhere else with a bell! - that could take part? Please get in touch with them and ask them to join in. Contact us if you would like more information, or to let us know what you've organised!

And why not join in at home? Lockdown undoubtedly makes our plans harder, and we can’t gather in public squares or outside our Parliaments or town halls, but we can come to the doors and windows of our homes with whistles and instruments, we can ring handbells or bang pots & lids at 12 noon. After all, there's a time-honoured tradition of ringing bells, of town criers calling out the news and women banging pots and lids to celebrate with noise, so that is one way people can come together and mark the Treaty - even in the lockdown.

Please feel free to download these posters (PDF: Bell Ringing | Celebrating at Home) and put them up in your window, or pass them on to any organisations who have agreed to ring their bells, and would like to explain to their members, or to passers-by, exactly why the bells are ringing on 22 January!


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