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#Shut Down Hunterston Now

Last week, the ONR gave permission for the ageing, cracking Reactor 4 at Hunterston B nuclear power station to start up again.

This was a predictable but deeply disappointing decision, after Reactor 3 was given the same treatment earlier this summer. Now both reactors are running for the first time in years, despite known problems. Even if the risk is small, it cannot be worth taking, when the majority of the Scottish population lives downwind.

These decisions show just how strong the nuclear lobby is, and how tightly the nuclear threat is woven through the fabric of our lives in Scotland. From the lorries that carry nuclear warheads up and down our roads, several times a year, to the hulking power stations at Hunterston and Torness, Scottish people are exposed to serious and unjustifiable danger because of the nuclear industry in all its forms.

Did you know that there are nearly 35,000 people who live within 10km of Hunterston B? More than 100,000 people live within 20km of the power station - the so-called "Extended Planning Zone."

Worse still, the government's emergency planning records* reveal that there could be as many as 50 schools, 10 healthcare facilities, and over 30 elderly care homes within 20km from the nuclear power station.

(*Information about the danger zones is set out on pages 68-78. You'll see that a lot of this has been redacted, so we have had to estimate these figures from the number of lines in the tables.)

If anything went wrong at Hunterston B, hundreds of thousands of Scottish citizens would be directly affected. And we have come close before now. Severe storms took Hunterston to the brink of an emergency in 1998. As the power station is now showing visible signs of its age, how can we be so confident it will not happen again?

For the sake of Scotland's future, we must call for an end to nuclear power in all its forms. We rely on the support of our members to do this. Please stand with us, and help us persuade decision-makers to do the right thing by Scotland.

If it were not for Covid, we would be protesting at the gates of Hunterston B! If you would have joined us there, please join our online protest now. Send us your protest photos, or tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Insta with #ShutDownHunterstonNow to be part of our virtual mass demonstration.

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