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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

It may be the 21st Century but racism still has a firm foothold in our institutions, in the policies and actions of the state, and in our own attitudes and reflexes.

This is another moment when its ugly nature is palpable, and it is a moment to take a side and stand with the oppressed. In the peace movement, we have always recognised that nuclear weapons are not a thing on their own, but are a particular expression of corrupt, patriarchal and racist power.

Their roots are in early 20th century fantasies of a Superweapon that could wipe out inferior races and establish white supremacy forever, a fantasy enacted at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, on the very clear basis that these were lives that did not matter.

None of the specious gloss of justification since has made an iota of difference to their hideous rationale. This is also a time for us in the anti-nuclear movement to hang our own heads and admit that we have often failed to take the stand and failed to spell out the connections.

It's time to wake up.


Support US actions: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rightshttps://www.crer.scot/

Ethnic Minority National Resilience Networkhttps://bemis.org.uk/emnrn/

Justice for Sheku Bayohhttps://www.change.org/p/police-scotland-investigate-the-death-of-sheku-bayoh-in-police-custody

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