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Nuclear Convoy on Roads during Pandemic Emergency

Scottish CND has learned from Nukewatch UK that the MoD is today transporting nuclear weapons from the Aldermaston/Burghfield complex in Berkshire to the atomic weapon store facility at Coulport on Loch Long, in spite of the COVID-19 crisis.

The MoD routinely moves nuclear warheads (each with the destructive power of eight Hiroshima bombs) to and from Burghfield and Coulport for maintenance and refurbishment. The warheads are stored at Coulport and loaded there onto the US-leased missiles on the Trident submarines. In the road convoy, huge warhead carriers are supported by up to twenty other police and ancillary vehicles, with at least 50 personnel involved. This raises the additional concern about transferring COVID-19 risk to and from the Scottish bases, which are already known to have infection.


A post on the Nukewatch UK Facebook page notes that the convoy left Burghfield this morning and questions whether this is essential travel.

Jane Tallents of Nukewatch UK said:

"The Nukewatch position is clear. It is never right to possess and deploy nuclear weapons and transport them on public roads. Doing it right now is completely irresponsible."

SCND chair Lynn Jamieson said:

"The transport of nuclear bombs across the English-Scottish border is always an unnecessary journey against the will of the majority of people living in Scotland. The purpose, ensuring British capacity to threaten mass destruction, diverts efforts away from genuine world security while risking a catastrophic accident. If only the Scottish police could send them homeward to think again."

Contact: Lynn Jamieson (0797 4631 397)

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