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Windows for Peace Placard making challenge

Schools are closing and we're to stay home as much as we can to help in these difficult times, but we are not to avoid each other or be alone - not in the broader sense.

Now with an underfunded NHS, we see the true cost of Trident.

We are inviting you to join our placard making challenge and display it on your window. Whether you are a parent with kids to keep busy, a pensioner with time on your hands or working from home to protect yourself and your family, please get some markers, cardboard, glue and other materials and unleash your inner crafter and protestor. Post your photos on social media using hashtag #windowsforpeace, #protestfromhome #ScotlandnotTrident.

If you do not have social media channels send you photos to our email address.

If you have not joined our Facebook and Twitter pages (@Scottish CND) please follow us. We have other activities planned.

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