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Write to SEPA to oppose radioactive waste disposal from HMNB Clyde


We would like to invite our members and supporters to submit their comments of disapproval to the SEPA consultation on MOD’s application regarding the disposal of radioactive waste from Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Clyde.

The Nuclear Support Hub (NSH) which the MoD is building at Faslane is intended to centralise the existing radioactive waste handling facilities. It is situated in a new location within the Faslane site, with a new discharge point into the middle of the Gare Loch. The number of nuclear submarines at Faslane is scheduled to increase and radioactive discharges are, in fact, expected to increase some by very large amounts. MoD is seeking approval to transfer submarine and weapon related solid and contaminated liquid waste from Coulport to Faslane

We strongly object to these increased radioactive discharges which, if permitted by SEPA, would result in increased radioactive contamination of the entire Gare Loch, including its flora and fauna and would result in increased radiation doses to people living in the vicinity of the Loch.

Scottish CND see no good reason why the MOD should be given preferential treatment and be exempt from the provisions already in place for all the other employers. The MoD’s application involves expected increases in discharges of Tritium by as much as 30 times and discharges of Cobalt 60 by almost 50 times.

In SCND’s view nuclear weapons are not ‘defence’ but a source of horrendous risk but these arguments are set aside in our response to the proposed increased in radioactive discharges. SCND notes a failure to seriously consider obligations to reduce actual radioactive emissions and to consider alternative propulsion systems to nuclear power; national defence should not be an excuse to add further radioactivity to the environment.

You can find MoD’s proposal full proposal here.

To respond to their consultation and raise your concerns please fill in the form here (press continue to get to the next page).

If you have issues in filling the form please write to them at SEPA, Strathallan House, Castle Business Park, Stirling, FK9 4TZ. 

Please note the deadline of the consultation is 13th of March 2020

Scottish CND's response can be found via this link. You are welcome to consult this to form your response. However, feel free to send a message with your own wording as this is a public enquiry and you do not have to be a radioactive expert to voice your concerns. Please share this and encourage you friends and family to submit their views. The more people opposing the less likely to approve this proposal. 


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