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100 Seconds to Midnight

Doomsday Clock Registers Increased Planetary Peril

Today the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its symbolic Doomsday Clock twenty seconds closer to midnight in recognition of the significantly increasing risks of nuclear war and climate catastrophe.

In its statement, the Bulletin says that any belief that the threat of nuclear war has been vanquished is a mirage and that civilisation-ending nuclear war - whether started by design, blunder, or simple miscommunication - is a genuine possibility. Their assessment is based on the Iranian and North Korean developments as well as on the almost total breakdown in arms control measures applying to the nuclear armed states.

Reflecting the urgency of the situation a timely Scottish Parliament motion(1) by Bill Kidd MSP has called for real progress towards genuine nuclear disarmament, citing tomorrow, 24th January, as the anniversary of the very first UN resolution which was a call for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The quinquennial Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) takes place in New York in April/May. This is the first Review since the adoption by the UN of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which complements the NPT and provides the legal mechanism for the fulfilment of the hitherto disregarded pillar of that treaty - the obligation on the nuclear-armed states to take real steps in good faith towards complete disarmament. Scottish campaigners are urging their parliamentarians to attend the Review in a civil society capacity since otherwise Scotland's rejection of nuclear weapons will not be represented.

Chair of Scottish CND Lynn Jamieson said: "We appreciate the stark realism of the Bulletin's assessment of the horrifying risk we face every single day and hope that this will lead to real and immediate action. We need an immediate step back from the brink by the nuclear-armed states and those seeking to acquire these weapons. Above all we need to begin the journey towards the total elimination of these weapons via the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons."



1. Motion S5M-20541: Bill Kidd, 21/01/2020 Anniversary of the First United Nations Resolution

That the Parliament commemorates the 74th anniversary of the first-ever UN Resolution, 1 which called for the elimination of nuclear weapons; notes that this significant historical and political event took place on 24th January 1946 at the UN General Assembly and that the resolution was adopted with consensus; acknowledges the most recent UN adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, but notes regretfully what it considers the stagnation of meaningful engagement of nuclear powers in international efforts towards disarmament; recognises the opportunity that the 2020 NPT Review Conference presents for nuclear states to re-engage with disarmament processes, and notes calls across the world for the promotion of peace and safety, which is considers can be ultimately secured by the elimination of nuclear weapons.

CONTACT: Lynn Jamieson 07974631397 Janet Fenton: 07795594573



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