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Campaigners Raise Alarm Over Inclusion in Counter-Terrorism Net; Reassurance Sought From Police Scotland

Responding to the recent revelation that police forces in England have included peaceful campaigns such as Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and CND in their lists of organisations to be alert to in countering terrorism, Scottish CND is seeking re-assurance from Police Scotland that no such tactics are being used in Scotland.

In her letter to Chief Constable Ian Livingstone Scottish CND Chair Lynn Jamieson says: “We are writing to share our concern over reports that peaceful and legitimate campaign groups, such as Greenpeace and CND, have been included in training manuals and other advice by officers in English police forces engaged in counter–terrorism. Entangling the policing of peaceful protest with counter-terrorism activity is the thin edge of a very dangerous wedge and a step towards a situation in which all activity critical of the state is deemed illegal. We seek your assurance that Police Scotland is not and will not be engaging in such unacceptable categorisations. As regards protest in Scotland against the UK's nuclear weapon system we are used to the almost universal acceptance by Scottish police of the legitimacy of our activity and its entirely non-violent nature. This has built a reputation that no-one wishes to lose.”


CND UK has also raised serious concern about the move. General Secretary Kate Hudson said: ‘Why is CND listed in a police counter-terror list? We have over 60 years of peaceful protest to our credit and an open, democratic structure and policy process. We have no secrets and act in the public interest. It is nuclear bombs that terrorise people, not our campaign which works to eradicate weapons of mass destruction.”

Contact: Lynn Jamieson 07974 631397 Isobel Lyndsay 07920132892


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