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We urge Electorate to vote for genuine anti-Trident candidates


With the issue of nuclear weapons high on the agenda in the General Election Scottish CND has issued a call to voters to vote for candidates who are clearly opposed to Trident replacement and seek the total elimination of nuclear weapons from the world.

SCND Chair Lynn Jamieson said:

"All politicians should throw away the tired olf script that dresses up the nuclear threat as if it is security. Ramping up the means of mass destruction squanders scarce resources in a time of climate emergency. The world is moving away from nuclear weapons - as growing numbers of countries commit to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Renewal of the UK nuclear weapons' system, Trident, is giving two fingers to genuine steps toward global nuclear disarmament. We call on members to only vote for candidates who are explicitly against renewal of Trident. We ask Scottish CND members who are signed up the parties with pro-nuclear policies in their manifesto to only show support for anti-nuclear candidates.

In last night's STV debate the Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard mentioned his membership of Scottish CND and yet gave his support to Trident renewal. Membership of Scottish CND is voluntary. We assume that people join because they are committed to nuclear disarmament and fully understand we are campaigning against the renewal of the UK nuclear weapon system known as Trident. It is impossible to make any sense of a scenario in which a member then speaks in favour of the UK retaining its nuclear weapons. We have always understood that Richard Leonard has been a sincere opponent of nuclear weapons and it is regrettable if he has chosen to distance himself from this because of party political pressures.

Contact: Lynn Jamieson: 07974631397

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