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Scottish CND AGM 2019

Scottish CND AGM
16th November 2019
Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House

Attending: 50 members and delegates as sign in sheet.
Apologies: Received: Jean Anderson, Eileen Cook - Edinburgh CND, Kath McDonald, Kirsty Blackman, MP, Marian Pallister, David Mumford, Una Gordon and Fiona McOwan, Steve Davies,
Hamish Kirk

1.       Arthur West welcomes the meeting and introduces incoming chair Lynn Jamieson. A note from Kate Hudson (General Secretary CND UK) supporting the work of Scottish CND this last year.

2.       Janet Fenton (vice-chair) introduces our special guest speakers. Rachel Sermanni gives a short speech and performance of one of her latest songs with a presentation from Grace Quinn and Kay McIvor. Followed by a panel discussion with Arthur West, Grace Quinn, Kay McIvor and Rachel Sermanni on the links between the climate emergency and nuclear weapons with questions from the floor.

3.       Discussion of resolutions and amendments

a.       Resolution one was moved by Arthur West and seconded. Motion was carried with two abstentions. Agreed by the floor to add Faslane Peace Camp to list of organisations to be supported in the coming year.

b.      Resolution two was moved by Arthur West and seconded by Aberdeen and District CND. Motion was carried by majority with one abstention. Discussion around how we work on defence diversification for the coming year.

c.       Resolution three was moved by Eric Chester and seconded. Discussion around SCND reports. Amendment was moved by Isobel Lindsay and seconded. Majority agreed to remit to Executive Committee with discussion around the “no later than six months”.

d.      Resolution four was moved by Isobel Lindsay and seconded. Noted to discuss expanding international cooperation. Majority carried this motion.

e.      Resolution five was moved by Arthur West on behalf of Jean Anderson and seconded. Noted AGM sends best wishes to Jean. Amendment was moved by David Peutherer and accepted by Jean Anderson. Motion was carried by the majority. Also noted that Glasgow City Council have not signed up to the Cities Campaign.

f.        Resolution six was moved by Aberdeen and District CND and seconded. Amendment from SCND Executive was accepted and the motion carried.

4.       AGM were asked to agree the proposed office bearers:

a.       Lynn Jamieson (Chair)

b.      Isobel Lindsay (Vice-chair)

c.       Janet Fenton (Vice-chair)

d.      Ann Ballinger (Treasurer)

e.      Gordon Dickson (Secretary)

f.        David Mackenzie (Assistant Secretary)

5.       Election of Executive Committee as follows:

a.       Arthur West

b.      Drew Kyle

c.       Gail Lythgoe

d.      Lesley Taylor

e.      Paul Shaw

f.        Shona McAlpine

6.       Dr Ian Fairliedelivered a fringe meeting : "What Peace Campaigners and Climate Activists need to Know about Nuclear Power"  and gave an update on the Hunterston & the case against nuclear power.

7.       Afternoon session discussion of resolutions and amendments

a.       David Kelly and Aberdeen and District CND agree to remit resolutions seven and eight to SCND Executive agreed working group around AGM.

b.      Resolution nine was moved by Lynn Jamieson and seconded with majority carrying the motion.

c.       Resolution ten was moved by Paul Shaw and seconded with the majority carrying the motion.

8.       Chair’s report presented by Arthur West

9.       Treasurer’s report moved by Ann Ballinger. Seconded by the floor.

10.   Closing remarks from Arthur West. Noted AGM sends thanks to Arthur West for his last eight years as Scottish CND chair and welcomes Lynn Jamieson.

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