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2019 General Elections


What does a general election mean for those of us who want nuclear disarmament? It is a chance to check out the position of all candidates before we decide who we vote for. Let's make sure that Scotland only returns MPs that firmly OPPOSE nuclear weapons and support the 2017 UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that will ban them globally.



The Scottish Green Party and the Scottish National Party support nuclear disarmament as parties, and some individuals in other parties agree with this position. Let's check out the position of ALL CANDIDATES before we vote for them. We can also make sure that nuclear weapons are an election issue.

This might be by asking questions to candidates at hustings and writing to the press. Another opportunity for action is at meetings and events where it is possible to set up stalls with information and resources. Give support to any candidate in a party that has a different policy, but make sure that they state in public or in writing that they would be prepared to defy any party whip over nuclear weapons.

REGISTER TO VOTE: A lot of people, especially young people, are not registered to vote because they may have just come of age or moved house since the last election. Check your own eligibility and encourage others. You can register to vote VIA THIS LINK.

Those working, or otherwise away from home, can get a postal vote. Applications for postal votes must be received at least eleven working days before the election. Apply for a postal vote VIA THIS LINK.

CND UK have produced a handy 2-minute lobby tool to email general election candidates in your constituency to find out their views on Trident and nuclear disarmament which you can use here.

Here are some materials which might be of use if you are campaigning or you are a candidate participating in hustings and other discussions:

- 10 reasons why Trident must go 

- Nuclear Weapons Debunkers

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