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Scottish CND condemn ONR decision to restart Huntertston

Scottish CND condemn Office of Nuclear Regulation's decision to restart Hunterston nuclear reactor 4. The meeting between ONR, Dr Ian Fairlie and NFLA (notes available) stated that while the cracking in Reactor 4 is not as extensive as Reactor 3 there is an issue of some cracks openings that are greater than 1.2cm wide (i.e. 1/2 inch). These cracks still exceed 200 and Scottish CND have been doing some work on this issue, hosting a series of discussions across the country with nuclear expert Dr Ian Fairlie. Most recently publishing a report on Radiation Risks and Nuclear Power in Scotland.

Scottish CND chair Arthur West:

"This news about the Hunterston reactor is very disappointing. It is very worrying that the Office of Nuclear Regulation seems to have increased the number of cracks permitted in the reactor.

This move seems to be a clear case of moving the goalposts to allow the closed reactor to reopen. It really is time to think about a future beyond nuclear energy. The best response to the current situation at Hunterston is to continue the development of safer and cleaner forms of renewable energy."

Scottish CND's nuclear risk special adviser Pete Roach:

"EDF Energy and ONR are gambling with public safety by allowing this reactor to re-open. Scotland doesn't need the electricity - it is a risk not worth taking. This decision seems to be more to do with EDF's financial problems than what is best for the Scottish public."

Scottish CND's working group Radiation Risks urge the public to take the following action:

1. Write (with copies to social media - addresses below) to the following people:

  • the Chief Inspector of the Office of Nuclear Regulation
  • the Chief Executive of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • your own MSP and the current Scottish Minister for Energy
  • the Scottish Government's Director of Energy and Climate change

2. Consider planning, organising and participating in demonstrations outside Hunterston

Scottish CND believe that both the Hunterston B reactors should remain closed for good and that EDF and North Ayrshire Council should publish their plans for evacuation in the event of a nuclear accident. Free potassium iodate tablets should be pre-distributed to the population within 50km of Hunterston B.

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