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Join the Scrap Trident Blockade

Confront Trident unrelentingly where it matters – at Faslane, the rotten heart of the UK establishment’s inhumane commitment to nuclear devastation. 

On Monday, 13th  April, commit to” a mass blockade to stop work at Faslane naval base. As many people as possible need to be part of it, so please consider either taking part directly or in taking a support role. 



Civil resistance is an empowering and liberating experience whereby we can display our ability to have an effect on what any government can do – even if the effect is very small – and we can experience freedom when we refuse compliance with deeply immoral and repugnant acts of aggression. Even four or five peaceful protestors can stop the deadly work, and a few hundred can have a huge effect on what is being done in our name.

Patrick Harvey spoke of the pleasures of being carried away by police officers at the demo last Saturday, to the amusement of the thousands in George Square. Personally, I have always found that non-violent direct action deepens my commitment, increases my capacity to be effective, widens and deepens my friendships and provides endless entertainment for my family and friends (many of whom choose to participate as well). 

So you'll be in good company on Sunday from 12.00 at Kinning Park where you can get food, rest, non-violent direct action training and take a share in formulating the big plan for Monday early. See the website for all the information and to book in. 


Janet Fenton




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