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The struggle to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons goes on

"Despite the referendum results we are proud to have been part of the dynamic and creative movement for Yes. A large number of people are disappointed that there their hopes of creating a nuclear-free independent Scotland were dashed. However, the energy of the Yes campaign has given new life to our struggle to remove Trident from Scotland and there has been heightened interest in the cost and risk of basing nuclear weapons on the Clyde. We know that opposition to Trident is even stronger than support for independence. Over the coming weeks we will be considering how best to take forward our campaign to rid this land and the world of nuclear weapons." - Arthur West, Chair of SCND


As an organisation we supported a Yes vote in the referendum following our 2012 AGM. This decision was based on the belief of the majority of the members who voted at the meeting that a Yes Vote was an opportunity to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons.

Obviously the campaign by CND and other parts of the Peace Movement against nuclear weapons being based in Scotland will continue.

During the referendum campaign many people who were not previously involved have become active in politics. We sincerely hope that as many of these people will maintain their interest in political affairs. We welcome their involvement in Scottish CND and the wider Peace Movement.

We will now be focusing on rejecting the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system when the issue is voted at Westminister in the summer of 2016.

If the renewal plans go ahead it is estimated that the cost will be a staggering 100 billion pounds.Scottish CND believes this is money which would be better spent on decent things such as health, education, community care or jobs.

I have been very proud of Scottish CND during the referendum campaign. We have managed to make sure that the issue of nuclear weapons has been highlighted many times during debates and discussions. Therefore, our message today is that the fight to rid Scotland and the world of the scourge of nuclear weapons continues.

Yours in peace,
Arthur West, Chair Scottish CND


Invitation to Yes or No, Trident has to go!

Demonstration & picnic 
20 September, Faslane, 12 noon, organised by the Scottish Peace Network

After the historic Referendum vote this is an opportunity to do something practical and symbolic. The campaign against nuclear weapons will not stop until Trident is removed.

More details and directions here

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