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WW1 - Opposing wars of empire then and now

70 people attended a packed conference on Saturday entitled ‘World War 1- opposing wars of empire then and now’. The conference heard how the useless carnage of trench warfare a century ago was all about re-dividing the world between the great powers of the day. The Sykes-Picot agreement and the subsequent Versailles Treaty carved up the empires of the defeated nations (largely between Britain and France) and laid the seeds of much of today’s conflict in the Middle East and Asia. The presentations of Kate Hudson and Neil Findlay, among other things, exposed the role of the NATO and the EU in destabilising Ukraine and the US role in undermining democracy in Venezuela. In particular Jenny Clegg showed the importance for the peace movement in understanding the US ‘pivot’ to Asia, the attempts to militarise the Asia-Pacific region and the growing danger of war in the region.

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