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The Scotland Institute Defence Report

In the past few days we have read various articles about how Scotland’s defence future will be jeopardised in an independent Scotland scenario. The articles have been written based on a new report published by The Scotland Institute “The case for independence on the grounds of defence and security is unpersuasive” – See full report here.

Although this report might be of interest to some people it does not alter the view of Scottish CND that getting rid of nuclear weapons will be a positive move for Scotland and the whole of the British Isles.

There were also insinuations in the report that the Scottish Government has changed its policy on nuclear weapons.  However as Bill Kidd MSP has said :

“The position of the SNP and the Scottish Government on the removal of the Trident nuclear base from Scotland is unequivocal, on achieving independence the submarines, warheads, missiles and base infrastructure will be removed in a safe and timely manner.

There will be no need for decades long time period because Westminster hasn’t made contingency plans for re-sitting their base and nor will Westminster continue with a Guantanamo Bay-style enclave base at Faslane for its weapons of mass-destruction, that isn’t even contemplated.”

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