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Stirling CND - Scrap Trident

Stirling woman Zara Kitson was among 47 people arrested at the  peaceful blockade of Faslane naval base on 15th April. 

Zara, a 27 year-old social entrepreneur who as a Green Party candidate came close to being elected for the Castle Ward in last year's Stirling Council elections, sat down with others in the North Gate entrance to the nuclear weapons base, blocking entry to base traffic. She was arrested, charged with a breach of the peace, and released from Clydebank police station late at night after giving an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.

The protesters shut down entry to the base for over three hours in a peaceful, good-humoured and colourful protest against the UK's WMD. Placards, banners and songs all expressed a demand that in a time of austerity public funds should be spent usefully, rather than on Trident. Along with many Scots there were protesters from England, Wales, France and The Netherlands. The age of those arrested ranged from 13 to over 80.

At the North Gate of the base Stirling CND's celebrated Jeely Peace Cafe provided welcome refreshments to all comers.

Zara said: " The irony of it! I was arrested for a "breach of the peace"! Faslane is the biggest breach of the peace in this country."

Stirling CND Chair Kenneth Wardrop said: "Yesterday we succeeded in keeping the public aware of the UK Government's continued commitment to the abomination of the Trident Weapons system and the will of the Scottish people to remove this WMD from Scotland and the UK."