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Renfrewshire CND

In late 2017 Renfrewshire CND was prompted by Nukewatch's report 'Unready Scotland' to contact Renfrewshire Council. It is among the 15 councils through whose areas nuclear weapon convoy are routed. But it has failed to make any assessment of the risks posed by the convoys, or any plan of how to warn the public if there were an incident involving a release of radio activity. The nuclear waste trains passing weekly through Johnstone and Paisley also pose a risk. The Council has a statutory duty to carry out such risk assessments and make such plans, under the Civil Contingencies

Act (Scotland) 2004. Cllr Audrey Doig is pursuing the matter. She is the Council's delegate to Nuclear Free Local Authorities Scotland, to whose latest meeting Nukewatch presented its report. 


Hiroshima Day was marked again on 6th August in the walled Peace Garden in Barshaw Park, which is being restored by volunteers including some CND members. The garden was also the venue for an alternative Inter Faith commemoration on Remembrance Sunday. Among the contributions was one made on behalf of Renfrewshire CND.

Paisley Roadshow on 25t of February 2016

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND who helped out at the Paisley Roadshow on 25t of February 2016 said:

"Great to meet up with Renfrewshire CND members today and enjoyed taking the Scrap Trident message to the streets of Paisley.

Very good response from the public and lots of good conversations about the urgent need to Scrap Trident."