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Starting a new Scottish CND group

A wee complication in our case was that there was a previously existing group which had petered out and disaffiliated from SCND in 2013.  However some members of the group were still active in the peace movement, and great care had to be taken to ensure that they were warmly welcomed in to the 'new' group.   Some of  these older members have been particularly helpful and we are very grateful for the experience they bring to bear.

Of the eighteen people who have attended our first three meetings, two were from the old group, five were from the Peace Camp, six were members of the local SNP branch and five people turned up in response to our advertising.  We advertise in the local paper, the community magazine and we also post the events on social media, the latter proving to be the most successful.  We have also established our own Facebook page.

Starting a new group is a bit of a steep learning curve, and it's obvious from the pattern of attendance that we need to be more proactive in attracting people to the group and providing opportunities to help them gel.  We are working on a schedule of speakers to provide more of a focus at our meetings, and plans for a Saturday afternoon conference - working title 'Life after Trident' - in February 2017 are well under way.