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Scottish CND - West End Festival Parade

Scottish CND is joining the West End Festival Parade (Sat, 9th of June) and we need volunteers to help us create the artwork and to  take part in the parade.

The project aims to spread the enthusiasm, hope and express our desire for a peaceful and nuclear weapons free Scotland. The paraders will create a happy sea scenario where a Trident submarine is transformed in a peace messenger (with flowers, doves and colors) and all the sea creatures (fish, jell fish, crabs) are happily enjoying a truly safe and peaceful life. For photos with some ideas please check here.

It is a different kind of project full of aspiration, fun and creativity and we would love to get all sorts of ages involved.

The next steering group meeting is at 2pm, on Thursday 23rd of May, in the CND office, tomorrow. If you cannot attend, but you want to get involved and help please email or call us.

Most of the work can be done at home.

Don’t have artistic skills? Help us by taking part in the parade.


Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LE
0141 357 1529 (office) 
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