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Evening Origami Crane Making Workshop
Mon 15 May 2017  6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wellington Church - Glasgow
Glasgow West


We are part of a project to make 140, 000 Origami paper cranes, one to remember each victim of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. The paper cranes will be exhibited at the Scottish Parliament in August 2018.

To help complete all the cranes there will be a workshop in the Scottish CND office on Monday 15th May. There will be two sessions; 2pm-4pm and 6pm -8pm. You are welcome to join either, both or part of one of them. 

We will provide all materials and tuition, as well as tea and biscuits. 
Why paper cranes?
Folded paper cranes have become a symbol of the peace movement. This is because a little girl called Sadako, who died of leukaemia as a result of the Hiroshima bomb folded 100s as a wish for her recovery. Following her death, her parents and friends gathered together wishing no more victims like her, a statue of Sadako holding an Origami crane was created and stands at the Hiroshima Peace Park.
Why have we started this project?
This project was started in 2015, by Atsuko Betchaku, a Japanese woman living in Edinburgh. She said “We can get rid of nuclear weapons if we can get rid of wars and discrimination.”’

How You Can Help?

  • Come to this workshop
  • Make cranes and send them to Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre , 5 Upper Bow, EH1 2JN or drop off , Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 4pm
  • Join a workshop at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre on Saturdays 2-4pm
  • Invite Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre to run a two hour workshop. They will supply a workshop leader and bring all the materials for the workshop.
  • Run a workshop on your own. All you have to do is practice making cranes, then get some people together, tell them the story of Sadako and show them how to make Cranes ( information sources overleaf)

Crane making workshops 
The workshops are great fun and especially suitable for children from age 7 and up, but suitable for all ages, adults too. No previous skill is needed.

If you run a workshop on your own Edinburgh Peace and Justice centre asks that you commit to a specific goal for the amount of cranes your workshop intends to make and then, when finished, pack them together in strands as seen on their website to help minimize damage to the cranes.

More information about the project:

Instructions for making an origami crane at:

Video showing how to make Origami Cranes:


Wellington Church
77 Southpark Avenue
G12 8LE


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