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Hiroshima exhibition Edinburgh
Thu 6 Aug 2015  6:00pm
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WMD Awareness will launch our exhibition 'Nuclear Weapons in Popular Culture: Hiroshima to Today'  (or 'Stop worrying and learn to love the bomb?' as it is called in the fringe brochure) at 6 pm on 6th August at the Gayfield Venue, Edinburgh where the exhibition will run for two weeks before going to London and elsewhere.

The launch event will be lively and entertaining as well as informative and thought provoking. 

The aim of the exhibition, and the launch on the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima, is to raise awareness about the continuing dangers of nuclear weapons, and UK nuclear weapons and policy in particular. I know this issue is no stranger to Scotland but it is to the majority public and we have found, from eight years experience, that the Edinburgh Festival is a brilliant opportunity to reach out to people. 

For that reason we are using popular culture as an entertaining and engaging way to raise the issue and to get folks thinking about their own views on nuclear weapons and on the forthcoming decision on UK's nuclear weapons and posture. Hopefully inspiring them to get involved in the debates on this.