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Margaret Harrison Memorial Service
Sat 16 May 2015  1:00pm
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A memorial service will be held at 1 pm on Saturday 16 May at St Mungo's church, Main St, Alexandria for Margaret Harrison. Margaret was a long-term campaigner for peace and nuclear disarmament and founder of Faslane Peace Camp.

Obituaries were printed in HeraldTelegraph and Dumbarton Reporter and reported on BBC Radio 4


Below is a poem which Margaret wrote for the 40th anniversary of CND:

Forty Years Well Spent

Forty years is an awfu’ lang time
Tae be marchin’ an’ campaignin’.
Ye’d think by noo that fowk wid ken
Nukes are nae use for fechtin’.

We’ve marched, written letters and leafleted.
Many have gone to jail.
The story of oor C.N.D.
Is a wondrous tale.

These wimmen at Greenham a’ showed they had guts
Tae camp in the cauld an’ the damp.
Inspired by their courage it made us a’ think,
So we stairted the Faslane camp.

At the stairt o’ oor camp, they were a’ in tents
An’ the midges were bitin’ sair.
They must ha’ wanted tae ban these nukes
A hale lot, tae mak them stey there.

Some were cuttin a hole an’ gaun through
An ithers went ower the fence.
They wirnae feert tae gang intae thon place
Wi’ the polis ready tae pounce.

We were singin’ carels wan Christmas nicht
Ootside the gates o’ Faslane
When twa Santa Clauses broke intae the base.
It caused sic a laugh ye ken.

We’ve had high jinks wi’ oor kerryin’ oan
An we’ve made a hale lot o’ freens,
But we havnae lost sicht o’ the dangers oot there
Which haunts us a’ in oor dreams.

We ken we’ll hae tae keep workin’ for peace.
It’s shair tae come in the end
An’ it’s daft when ye think o’ the millions each day
That oan these monsters they spend.

So grab yer banner an’ jine the gang.
Dinna hesitate.
If we let these nukes tak ower oor world
I’m feert it’ll be too late.

Margaret Harrison