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Maya Evans Glasgow
Tue 14 Feb 2012 - Tue 14 Feb 2012  7:30pm
Glasgow West


Renfied St Stephens Bath Street Glasgow


This past Christmas Maya Evans travelled to Afghanistan with Voices for Creative Nonviolence. She met with human rights activists, refugees, and people affected by NATO night raids and drone strikes.


In October 2005 Evans was arrested for reading out the names of British soldiers who died in Iraq, and was the first person to be convicted of participating in an “unauthorized” demonstration within 1km of the Parliament.  In 2007 Liberty awarded her the Peter Duffy Award for her “commitment to the cause of liberty". In June 2010 Maya won “a partial victory” in the High Court that stopped Britain transferring Afghan detainees to a detention centre run by Afghanistan's intelligence agency (NDS) because of the risk of torture. She is currently involved in a bid to take the MOD to court over alleged civilian killings by British forces in Afghanistan.

Come hear her Maya's first hand account of the impact of the war in Afghanistan.