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Glasgow CND AGM
Mon 14 Sep 2020  7:00pm
Glasgow West



The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF GLASGOW CND will be held online on ZOOM at 7 pm on Monday 14th September. The meeting is open to all members and supporters of SCND in the Glasgow area but only members of SCND will be able to vote on matters on the agenda for the AGM.


If there is time a regular monthly meeting will take place after the AGM.


I attach an agenda for the AGM, the constitution of Aberdeen and District CND and a list of organisations with some of which GCND might want to form alliances.


To take part in the meeting on ZOOM if you are using a PC or laptop clink on the link below and it will take you into Zoom.








Please note that only paid up members of SCND can vote at the AGM. Supporters who are not members of SCND are however very welcome to attend the AGM and monthly meetings.


1. Report from the Chair


2.Election of office bearers for 2020/2021 :






3.Voting rights of supporters at AGMs / meetings and on motions to SCND AGMs – response by SCND Executive


4. Adoption of a Constitution for GCND [See as an example Aberdeen & District CND one attached]


5.Voting rights of 2 delegates to SCND AGM – appointment of delegates to SCND AGM 2020


6. Motions to SCND AGM on 21 November : Motion suggested by Eric Chester : that SCND gives to groups £1 from every membership fee paid by members in the groups’ areas


7.Date of AGM 2021




If there not sufficient time to have a regular monthly meeting after the AGM then to enable discussion about future events a date should be set for one later this month.


1. Date of next monthly meeting


2.Response from SCND Executive about :


Access by GCND to email list of members and supporters / splitting list in two


GCND finances – response by SCND Executive


3.GCND Facebook Page


4.GCND Facebook Group


5. Suggestions for future events 2020/2021 :


Online :


Suggested by Eric : Closure of Faslane. Note - SNP CND have just had 3 widely advertised online meetings about their report ‘Nuclear Guantanamo on The Clyde’ and proposed motion to SNP conference 2020. The motion is :


Baseline timescale for removing nuclear weapons from Scotland


Conference notes the public endorsement of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP, and support for the ratification of the Treaty by an independent Scotland.


Consequently, and in line with the provisions of the TPNW, Conference pledges that a Trident removal timescale of 3 years from a Yes vote on Scottish Independence will be included in the SNP manifesto for the election to the first sovereign Scottish Parliament.


Others :


Glasgow CND could form alliances with other organisations in Glasgow with interests relevant to our constitution. See list of potential organisations attached.


Street stalls – when should these resume ?


DRP 02/09/2020




Appendix 1: Aberdeen and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Constitution


1. NAME The name shall be the “Aberdeen and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” (hereinafter referred to as Aberdeen and District CND)


2. AIMS The aims of Aberdeen and District CND shall be:


i. The unilateral abandonment by Britain /Scotland of nuclear weapons, nuclear bases and nuclear alliances, as a prerequisite for a British /Scottish foreign policy which has as its main objective the world-wide abolition of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons leading to general and complete disarmament. We are affiliated to both Scottish and UK CND.


ii. Opposition to the manufacture, stockpiling, testing, use and threatened use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons by any country, and to policies of any country or group of countries which make nuclear war more likely, or which hinder progress towards a world without weapons of mass destruction.


iii. The opposition to intervention in foreign wars and the encouragement of dialogue and conflict resolution. We are affiliated to the ‘Stop the War’ organisation.


iv. The opposition to the arms trade and to campaigning for diversification away from the Arms Trade and Nuclear Weapons and to using the skill sets in these industries for the production of clean technology. We are affiliated to ‘Campaign Against the Arms Trade’. (e) To provide support to Faslane Peace Camp


iii. ELIGIBILITY FOR VOTING Persons eligible for voting shall be those who are also members of Scottish and or UK CND. Anyone who supports the aims and objectives of CND are welcome to attend meetings and actions.


4. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The Chair shall call an Annual General Meeting in the summer of each year.


• At least 4 weeks’ notice of the date,


• time and place must be sent by e-mail to all Individual members as well as advertising the meeting on social media.


• The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting which shall include


? a report from the Chair


? a report from the Treasurer


? the election of the office bearers for the coming year


? i.e. Chair, Vice- Chair,


? Secretary and Treasurer.


? Resolutions to the AGM shall be notified to the Chair not later than 7 days before the AGM.


? Amendments to resolutions can be voted on at the AGM


5. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS - A Special General Meeting may be called at the request of 6 Individual Members through a written request to the Secretary who must arrange a meeting for a date no later than 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the request.


6. MONTHLY MEETINGS - Should take place on a monthly basis unless agreed by the meeting when a gap of up to two months can be agreed. Monthly meetings may appoint working committees. Committees so appointed shall report to the monthly meeting.


7. INTERNAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION. We encourage a culture of courteousness and mutual respect. Any issues of concern should be raised at the monthly meeting. Any disputes that cannot be resolved within monthly meetings shall be referred to SCND for dispute resolution.


8. NET ASSETS - All net assets of (ADCND) shall be held in trust by Scottish CND in event of group's closure or prolong dormancy.


Appendix 2: GCND possible alliances : Glasgow based organisations


Scottish Refugee Council – based in Glasgow


Glasgow University Arms Divestment Coalition


Wellington Church – ‘strong commitment to peace and justice’ asylum seekers and refugees


Glasgow City Council – member of NFLA and Mayors for Peace


MEDACT Glasgow


Nuclear Ban / ICAN partners – based at SCND office


Common Weal


XR PEACE Scotland [become an Affinity Group ?]


Scottish Peace Network


Global Justice Glasgow


Faslane Peace Camp


Glasgow Quakers


Peace Education Scotland


CAAT [ Scottish but Scottish Campaign Organiser based in Glasgow]