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We Are Many Film Screening and Discussion
Wed 31 Oct 2018  7:00pm
Glasgow West


Wednesday 31st October 2018


Wellington Church, Glasgow, G12 8LE

On Wednesday 31st October 2018 at 7:00pm the Scottish Peace Network will be screening a major portion of We Are Many - an excellent film about the massive, coordinated, worldwide demonstrations of 15th February 2003 to halt plans for a war on Iraq by the US and the UK.

This film screening and discussion is part of a series of events closing four years of counter-centenary actions and events aimed at telling the truth about the causes and consequences of the First World War.

The truth then and now is the that official lies and media manipulation play a big role in the build up to, and perpetuation of, war.

Please join us for the film and discussion as we try to stay true to our goals and values. No More Wars. No Justice No Peace.