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Protest the Glasgow UDT Arms Conference
Tue 26 Jun 2018  8:00am
Glasgow West


26th June 2018 a Trident showcase will be coming to Glasgow, sponsored by Glasgow City Council. The arms industry is coming to Glasgow, a city with a proud history of standing up against war and militarism. UDT will be promoting Trident, the Israeli military and companies that sell to human rights abusing regimes in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


8:00am - People will be arriving to "welcome" the arms dealers to Glasgow with noise and colour. Bring flags, banners and anything noisy. The UDT event officially begins at 9:00am. 

10:00am - 12:00pm - Official rally organised by the Sink the Arms Fair Coalition. Groups include Scottish CND, Scotland Against Militarism, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Scottish Palestine Solidarity, Food Not Bombs and others. Speakers and music. 

12:00pm onwards - There will be constant opposition to the conference and we will make sure the warmongers inside know they are not wanted in Glasgow. Music, noise, food and protest.