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Scottish Peace Network Vigil
Thu 24 May 2018  3:00pm - 6:00pm
Donald Dewar Statue, Buchanan Street, Glasgow -
Glasgow West


  • A Scottish CND street stall takes place on Thursday 24th May from 3:00pm to 4:30pm at the Donald Dewar Statue on Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Anyone who can participate, even for a short time, is very welcome.
  • The Scottish Peace Network Vigil will happen at the same place, Donald Dewar Statue on Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Thursday 24th May from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

The focus this month is on 'Caring Not Killing'. We need to use the resources currently misappropriated for the military to fund the schools, health care, housing and mass transit we so desperately need.

These events occur every fourth Thursday of the month and are supported by Scottish CND, we urge our members and supporters to consider attending if they can.

The Scottish Peace Network is a forum which brings together organisations across the Peace movement in Scotland to work together for a more peaceful and fairer world. We will have a banner, placards and flyers. The vigil will have a few focuses this month:

Thirty-two years ago the nuclear power reactor at Chernobyl melted down and nearly exploded. Since then, we have had the even worse disaster at Fukishima.

Nuclear power is a threat to humanity. We need to decommission the nuclear power plants in Scotland as soon as possible. There are alternatives, wind and solar power, but mainly we need to drastically reduce our use of power. Moving from cars to mass transit would be a good step.

The crisis in North Korea is real and will not go away. We need to be on the streets insisting that both sides negotiate a peaceful resolution that furthers the demilitarisation of the Korean peninsula rather than taking steps that lead to the outbreak of a disastrous war. 

In addition, our vigil will protest the recent attack on Syria that involved the UK once again in a supporting role to the United States. The attack solved nothing, only adding to the chaos of a war that has been utterly disastrous to the Syrian people. It is time that the UK withdraw its troops from Syria. The idea that the troops are there because of humaritarian reasons is too ridiculous to require a response. We also need to call for a withdrawal from NATO. As long as the UK, or an independent Scotland, is in NATO, we will be tailing behind the United States, providing military bases and logistical support to U.S military adventures.



Donald Dewar Statue, Buchanan Street, Glasgow


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