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End of Internship Report - Iona Soper

I would like to begin this piece by thanking the team at Scottish CND for taking a chance on me last year. I joined the struggle against nuclear weapons in the summer of 2016 with relatively little detailed knowledge about the realities of the industry I was fighting against, or the history of the movement resisting it.


Over the next two years I worked with various anti-nuclear groups taking a direct stand against Faslane and the arms industry. I was always aware that this work, while important, made up only part of a multifaceted campaign against nuclear weapons in Scotland, and that legal, financial and educational aims were also being pursued in the fight to rid Scotland of Westminster’s nuclear arsenal. I also knew that I was prepared to dedicate the lion’s share of my time and energy to this campaign, but that if I wished to continue developing as a campaigner, it was important for me to be engaging with both sides of the resistance. 


My time with Scottish CND has allowed me to experience (and participate in) a more organised campaign against Trident. Observing and contributing to the daily running of a funded and structured campaign has been invaluable to developing my understandings of Trident’s role in Scotland and the obstacles in the path to its removal. It has also provided me with new opportunities for development as an employee, campaigner and activist, and it is my firm belief that I will use the skills I have developed and the lessons I have learned to provide a better service to this campaign as it moves forward, whether that be alongside Scottish CND, Peace Education Scotland, Faslane Peace Camp, Campaign Against the Arms Trade or any other group.