Fundraiser for Chernobyl Children International

Guest blog by Iona Hancock (President, Aberdeen University CND). Picture credit: Iona Hancock.

In October 2020, Aberdeen University Campaign for Nuclear disarmament committee members held a fundraiser where we aimed to walk everyday, from our university campus to Gretna Green (a total of 350 kilometres) for Chernobyl Children International (CCI). By the end of the month, our three committee members walked a total of 458.43 kilometres – hypothetically finishing in the Yorkshire Dales – and raised an incredible €402.91.

Chernobyl Children International was founded by Adi Roche, who was one of the first leading international figures to respond to the humanitarian crisis which ensued after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. For over 34 years, CCI has worked tirelessly on their mission to restore hope, alleviate suffering and protect current and future generations in the Chernobyl regions, by passionately advocating for the rights of all of those affected. CCI is the sole organisation working in the Chernobyl area to be accredited with UN official NGO status.

There were many challenges throughout the month (think blisters and bad weather rolling in from the North Sea whenever we set foot outside) however all three of us found new spots of Aberdeen we had never seen, and spent more time at the beach than we ever had before!

We also had the opportunity to document some of Aberdeen’s prettiest places …

We got back in contact with CCI after our fundraiser to ask their opinion on what we achieved. They had this to say, ‘We were absolutely thrilled with AUCND’s fundraiser ‘Trektober’. It was a fantastic fundraiser that took hard work and dedication, and we are so grateful that CCI was chosen.’

‘We are always glad to see young people taking an interest in such important issues. Chernobyl is not something from the past, Chernobyl “is forever” and the consequences of this Nuclear disaster are embedded in our world forever, with countless millions of people still being affected by its deadly legacy. We are so thankful to AUCND for taking action and raising awareness of the work of our charity, which ensures the Children of Chernobyl are never forgotten.’

We wholeheartedly agree with the idea that Chernobyl ‘is forever’ and as such, if you would like to get involved with CCI yourself, you can check out their various social medias or head to their website: