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Annual General Meeting 2023

Scottish CND’s next AGM will take place on Saturday 18th November 2023. The AGM will be held online via Zoom. All members and supporters are welcome to attend. 

Our AGM has a guest speaker, elects our officers, debates resolutions and has a structured discussion about our campaign year ahead.

The last day for submitting Executive Committee nominations and resolutions is October 21st at 5pm.

Amendments to resolutions must be submitted by the 11th November at 5pm. Please send amendments to the secretary Ken Benjamin and copy in the Scottish CND office

You can read 2022 resolutions here. 

Check out our 2022 Year in Review for a reminder of what we’ve been up to in the last year.

Annual General Meeting 2022

Our guest speaker was David Hutchinson Edgar. He is Chairperson of the Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  He first became involved in campaigning on environmental and peace issues as a student and has served in a variety of local, national and international organisations. He currently works as a primary school teacher, where he particularly enjoys the laughter that is a vital part of his role.  He previously worked as a lecturer in Trinity College, Dublin, and as a researcher for the Education Committee of the Irish parliament.

Listen to his talk on Irish Neutrality:

Important Information

This section includes:

  • The agenda and papers for the 2022 AGM     
  • Nominations for Office Bearer roles           
  • Nominations for Executive Committee roles                           
  • Resolutions submitted to the AGM   
  • Important information about AGM voting rights                                                                                                                                                 

Agenda and Papers (2022)

The agenda for the 2022 AGM is below. To download available AGM papers, click on the relevant item in the agenda.

09:00 Arrival and check in
9:30 Welcome and Guest Speaker: David Hutchinson Edgar
10:30 Approval of Standing Orders & Minutes of 2021 AGM
10:35 Appointment of Office Bearers
10:40 Executive Committee Ratification & Thanks to Outgoing Executive Committee and Staff
COMFORT BREAK  (10:50-11am)

11:00 Approval of Accounts & Appointment of Auditor

11:10 Resolutions & Organisational Change

LUNCH BREAK (12-1pm) 

13:00  Annual Report & Framing Statement from the Executive

13:10 Open, structured debate 

14:30 Concluding remarks                  

14:45 CLOSE

Voting Rights

In accordance with Scottish CND’S Constitution:

You’re entitled to vote at the AGM if you have been a member of Scottish CND for at least 3 months prior to the date of the AGM.

Registered Local Groups and Specialist Sections are each entitled to two delegates, who must be individual members of Scottish CND. Delegates will each have a vote on behalf of their organisation, in addition to their individual vote.

You can only be a delegate for one organisation, even if you are a member of multiple groups.

Office Bearer Nominations

The following complete nominations were received before the deadline of October 22nd 2022.

Attendance record of returning officers can be found here.

Role Candidate Proposed by Seconded by
Chair Lynn Jamieson Isobel Lindsay Jean Anderson
Vice Chair Isobel Lindsay Ann Ballinger Shona McAlpine
Vice Chair David Kelly Isobel Lindsay Lynn Jamieson
Treasurer Ann Ballinger Shona McAlpine Isobel Lindsay
Secretary Ken Benjamin Lynn Jamieson Ann Ballinger
Assistant Secretary Janet Fenton Isobel Lindsay David Mackenzie

Executive Committee Nominations

The following complete nominations were received before the deadline of October 22nd 2022:

Candidate Proposed by Seconded by Read statement  
Bill Ramsay Shone McAlpine Isobel Lindsay Read Bill’s intro  
Iona Soper Isobel Lindsay Janet Fenton Read Iona’s intro  
Clare Philips Isobel Lindsay Janet Fenton Read Clare’s intro  
Andy Hinton Isobel Lindsay Janet Fenton Read Andy’s intro  
Lesley Taylor Ann Ballinger Shona McAlpine Read Lesley’s intro  
Marjorie Thompson Lynn Jamieson Isobel Lindsay Read Marjorie’s intro  

Five Resolutions were received before the deadline of 23 October 2022. These relate to:

Faslane Peace Camp, Promoting Peace Negotiations, NATO, The EU and militarization and Duration of office for executive members.

At an EGM on October 3rd 2022, members agreed in principle to Scottish CND becoming a limited liability company. 

This decision was confirmed at the AGM.

In addition to debate on Resolutions, the Scottish CND Executive prepared a framing statement for open debate on Scottish CND’s work in 2023. This formed the final section of the AGM meeting, and all were warmly invited to contribute.