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Annual General Meeting 2021

Scottish CND’s 2021 AGM will take place at 10am on Saturday 20 November 2021. The AGM will be held online via Zoom. All members and supporters are welcome to attend – we ask that you join the Zoom meeting by 9.30am so that we can complete any admin checks that are needed on the day.

Important Information

This section includes the agenda and AGM papers which are available to download; a list of important deadlines for Executive Committee nominations, as well as resolutions and amendments, to be submitted to the AGM; and information about who is entitled to vote at the AGM.

Agenda and Papers (2021)

The agenda for the 2021 AGM is below. You will be able to download all AGM papers here as they become available. Please check back after the relevant submission deadlines for details of Resolutions, Nominations and Amendments.

09:30 Arrival and check in
10:00 Welcome and Guest Speaker
10:30 Approval of Standing Orders & Minutes of 2020 AGM
10:35 Appointment of Office Bearers
10:40 Elections to the Executive Committee
11:00 Thanks to Outgoing Executive Committee and Staff
11:15 Approval of Accounts & Appointment of Auditor
11:20 Constitutional Amendments & Resolutions (Part 1)
LUNCH BREAK (12-1pm)
13:00 Resolutions (Part 2)
13:30 Chair’s Report & Framing Statement from the Executive
13:35 Open, structured debate
14:45 CLOSE


Please send your Resolutions, Nominations and Amendments to the Acting Secretary, David Mackenzie, and copy in the Scottish CND office (

Saturday 23 October at 5pm: Deadline for submitting Resolutions to Scottish CND’s Secretary
Saturday 23 October at 5pm: Deadline for submitting Executive Committee nominations to Scottish CND’s Secretary
Saturday 30 October at 5pm: Deadline for submitting Constitutional Amendments to Scottish CND’s Secretary
Saturday 13 November at 5pm: Deadline for submitting Amendments to Resolutions to Scottish CND’s Secretary

Voting Rights

In accordance with Scottish CND’S Constitution:

You are entitled to vote at the AGM if you have been a member of Scottish CND for at least 3 months by 20 November 2021.

Registered Local Groups and Specialist Sections are each entitled to two delegates, who must be individual members of Scottish CND. Delegates will each have a vote on behalf of their organisation, in addition to their individual vote.

You can only be a delegate for one organisation, even if you are a member of multiple groups.

Background: Action Planning for 2022

Scottish CND held an Action Planning Workshop for 2022, which will help to inform the proposals brought to the AGM. This short video includes tips and tricks for writing effective resolutions, an outline of our suggested campaign plan for 2022, and information on the omnibus executive resolution.

Share Your Views

If you missed Scottish CND’s Action Planning Workshop for 2022 (see above) but would still like to have your say on our priorities for the year ahead, it’s not too late! Use our open feedback form to share your views on our agenda for 2022.

Annual General Meeting 2020

The Scottish CND AGM took place on Saturday 21 November 2020, online.

Listen Again to our AGM Guest Speakers