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Peace Chain Around Faslane
Saturday 14th June 2008

Photos of the Peace Chain

Watch the Peace Chain Video (Youtube)

Handout with final details for those taking part (Word doc)

When? Saturday 14 June 2008 - 11.30am assemble, 12 noon march off to form Chain

Why? All the nuclear weapons held by the UK are based in Scotland. The Peace Chain is a peaceful protest against the UK Government's plan to build a new nuclear weapon system ('Trident replacement'), which would be at Faslane until 2055. Opinion polls show that 72% of the Scottish people are against the plan. The new system would cost £75 billion. What else could £75 billion buy? There are better ways to use this money.

The Peace Chain date marks several important anniversaries:

  • One year ago, 14 June 2007, the Scottish Parliament voted against the UK Government’s plan for a new nuclear weapon system.
  • The day of the Peace Chain also sees the celebration of the 26 th birthday of Faslane Peace Camp.
  • 40 years ago, 14 June 1968, the first British nuclear patrol – HMS Resolution – sailed from Faslane.
  • This year is also the 50 th birthday of CND and its struggle against nuclear weapons.

In SCND’s history never before has there been such concerted and widespread opinion against nuclear weapons in Scotland – both amongst elected officials and the general public – and so with this Peace Chain we intend to mark not only anniversaries of past events but a real hope for the future.

Where? We will assemble at Faslane Peace Camp, which is close to Helensburgh (35 miles from Glasgow). See Transport to Peace Chain.

How? We will be forming a chain of people and banners along the main perimeter fence at Faslane, which is about 2000m long. The fence has about 64 panels which will be divided into sections, with a marshal responsible for making sure each section is covered: setting people in place, keeping them in place and spaced out for the duration of the demonstration and distributing people/materials to cover the entire length.

As much as possible we want to link everyone, at least all the people in the same section, by a common chain. This can be made from anything that you like (that you think has a chance of withstanding the elements)! Bunting, rope, old sheets, washing line... SCND will bring as much material like this as possible but we need you come along with whatever you can. We welcome organised groups to sign up with us beforehand and to take responsibility for a certain length of the fence, whether this is 10m or 100m.

Individuals are welcomed to bring banners and signs to slot onto the chain. See these examples of how to make a peace chain.

Using the CND logo you can make your banner as colourful, creative & unique as you like - make it seen and make your voice heard! You could decorate it however best represents you - with signatures, pictures of yourself/friends/family/local town, cartoons, messages, one-liners...

We are looking for the strongest possible participation on the day, but from those who are not able to attend we would welcome some kind of representation to be sent to us or brought by someone else on the day - for example decorate your own personal CND peace sign, or put your name to a big banner representing your local area. There will be an opportunity to make/sign these at CND local meetings and street stalls which will be happening across Scotland in the next few weeks. Or you can send us items to slot onto the Peace Chain: SCND, 15 Barrland Street, Glasgow, G41 1QH

Join in Please use our online form if you would like to take part

Supporters Messages of support have been received from Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson:

“The insanity and havoc wrought by war has recently been well demonstrated by the UK Government.  I hope it makes the insanity and potential havoc of nuclear weaponry crystal clear”.

and from Scottish actor Gerard Kelly:

“To all in the Peace Chain, Sorry that my work commitments prevent me from being there in person today but I will be there in spirit.  It is the height of hypocrisy that we ask Iran to obey the NPT and yet our own government blatantly disregards it by commissioning a replacement for Trident.  Once again, it’s do as we say, not as we do.”

Help with publicity Please publicise this event using posters, leaflets, emails, websites and word of mouth. The more people who attend the better it will be. Please print these leaflets, A4 posters and A3 posters. We can also post these out - use the online form to order copies.

Need to know more ? email: scnd@banthebomb.org or phone: 0141 423 1222. Download information pack

Help make the first step to a nuclear free world!



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