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ScottishCND # we can write our own constitution and say in it that we ban the bomb.
... 1 hour ago.
CNDuk # emergency protest 12.30 this Sat 23rd Aug at Downing St, Whitehall www.facebook.c... #
... 7 hours ago.
CNDuk # counter-summit on # # # # and the new #
... 7 hours ago.
ScottishCND Falmouth's tourist industry would suffer if they had Trident, and ours would flourish if we reject it. #
... 10 hours ago.
ScottishCND # nowhere wants nuclear weapons. If we reject them they will be scrapped.
... 11 hours ago.
Nae nuclear weapons here
Add your pin to the map and say No Nuclear Weapons Here.
Trident and Independence
Referendum is an opportunity for nuclear disarmament
Scottish CND Education
SCND Education - Nuclear Weapons Debate
Schools take part in the Nuclear Weapons Debate

Join the 2000+ who say No Nuclear Weapons Here

Over 2,000 people have added their pin to the map at to say that Scotland is no place for nuclear weapons. If you haven't yet done so, please join them.