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CNDuk 1000 cranes for peace, brought back from Hiroshima, Japan.
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ScottishCND Never heed the houdies - Scotland can ban the bomb. #
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ScottishCND Breaking News: Scotland is Nuclear Weapons Free - Video # @LesleyRiddoch
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CNDuk Say # and # in # and # - join the protests and counter-summits
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CNDuk Join the @999CallforNHS and say # - find out more here: and on # www.facebook.c... #
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Nae nuclear weapons here
Add your pin to the map and say No Nuclear Weapons Here.
Trident and Independence
Referendum is an opportunity for nuclear disarmament
Scottish CND Education
SCND Education - Nuclear Weapons Debate
Schools take part in the Nuclear Weapons Debate


There has been considerable speculation in the press over the last few weeks that the SNP might change its policy on NATO. Currently the party would support an independent Scotland being a member of Partnership for Peace, but not a full member of NATO. There is a good article by Pat Kane in the Scotsman which responds to this. Please contact any MSPs or MPs in the SNP who represent you and encourage the SNP to to maintain their opposition to full NATO membership. You can find the details of your MP and all your MSPs by typing your postcode into