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ScottishCND Falmouth's tourist industry would suffer if they had Trident, and ours would flourish if we reject it. #
... 21 minutes ago.
ScottishCND # nowhere wants nuclear weapons. If we reject them they will be scrapped.
... 50 minutes ago.
ScottishCND Local politicians reject moving Trident to Falmouth. So Yes means nuke disarmament. #
... 2 hours ago.
CNDuk # counter summits in Cardiff County Hall (31st) + Newport Dolman Theatre (1st). Agenda
... 21 hours ago.
CNDuk 1000 cranes for peace, brought back from Hiroshima, Japan.
... 23 hours ago.
Nae nuclear weapons here
Add your pin to the map and say No Nuclear Weapons Here.
Trident and Independence
Referendum is an opportunity for nuclear disarmament
Scottish CND Education
SCND Education - Nuclear Weapons Debate
Schools take part in the Nuclear Weapons Debate

Faslane safety below standard

A new report shows that there are a series of safety failings at the Trident base on the Clyde. The annual review was obtained by Sunday Herald journalist Rob Edwards. It lists 13 areas of which 9 were "below standard" and 2 were "significantly below standard". SNP defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP said the failings "clearly put lives at risk".

The report also refers to a new radioactive waste treatment plant. In 2009 the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator condemned the existing plant and said that it must be replaced when it reaches the end of its life in 2014 (DNSR letter). Now the MOD say the replacement won't be available before 2017. John Ainslie, Scottish CND Coordinator, said "The MOD should stop producing nuclear waste at Faslane if they have nowhere to put it."