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CNDuk Cheers Euan! RT @euanbruce98 : Just joined the @CNDuk . Together, we can end Trident, FOREVER!
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ScottishCND Church leaders say Trident should be cancelled www.indcatholi...
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CNDuk Check out @RethinkTrident 's advert in today's Guardian! Add your name at www.rethinktri...
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ScottishCND Police struggle to control unionist mob in Glasgow centre www.independen...
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MoD Police Job Losses

An announcement is expected soon on substantial cuts to MoD Police numbers, including at Faslane. In October the Herald reported that the UK Goverment were planning to replace Police at the Trident base with ex-soldiers from the Military Provost Guard Service. Now the Guardian and Scotsman are reporting that there will be a 50% cut in the MoD Police budget. Unions have been warned that 1,500 police personnel could lose their jobs.