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CNDuk . @kate4peace2014 says that the majority of the world is against nuclear weapons. With a ban on them the current power imbalance will end.
... 10 hours ago.
CNDuk Bruce Kent says that nuclear weapons won't protect us from future risks like climate change or famine, or solve the current housing crisis.
... 10 hours ago.
CNDuk Shaykh Qayum wants people of faith to mobilize against all weapons of mass destruction.
... 10 hours ago.
ScottishCND Don't believe Admirals / Hammond - Most nations want an end to nukes and would welcome Scots rejection of Trident
... 17 hours ago.
ScottishCND With some delay - highlights of day 6 of the Spring Walk for Peace
... 20 hours ago.
Nae nuclear weapons here
Add your pin to the map and say No Nuclear Weapons Here.
Trident and Independence
Referendum is an opportunity for nuclear disarmament (PDF)
Spring Walk
Spring Walk
Edinburgh to Faslane on 1-7 April

New Cut Trident leaflet

Cut Trident: Not jobs, health, education A5 leaflet