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Spring Walk
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MP misled on substandard submarines

A Government minister deliberately misled Parliament, concealing a major problem in the design of all British nuclear submarines.  Peter Luff, the Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, failed to disclose a weakness in the cooling system on submarine reactors when asked by Angus Robertson MP.   Reported in the Sunday Herald

This became clear after the MOD accidentally released the full, unredacted version of a report on nuclear safety.

Scottish CND has produced a detailed report on this issue.


Commenting on the latest revalation, John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND, said:

“Peter Luff was deliberately concealing from Parliament a major design weakness in all British submarine reactors. The issue of where the coolant is placed is critical.  It makes the difference between a minor mishap and a disaster like  Fukushima.  This report says that the only way to prevent a nuclear accident is to inject emergency coolant directly into the fuel core.  But the MoD have failed to introduce this vital safety feature into the reactors that power Royal Navy submarines."

Meanwhile the Sunday Daily Star is criticising CND for publishing the report online. 

However the report had primarily been redacted, not on grounds of national security, but on the dubious argument that advice from the safety regulator should be in private.