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ScottishCND Police struggle to control unionist mob in Glasgow centre www.independen...
... 3 hours ago.
ScottishCND Proud to have been part of a dynamic & creative movement. Please join our efforts to remove Trident #
... 10 hours ago.
CNDuk Join our # Manifesto debate at # - Monday in the Arora Hotel, Manchester
... 14 hours ago.
CNDuk This is no time for Cameron to be breathing a sigh of relief abt future of Trident #
... 19 hours ago.
ScottishCND Just found this in the letter box. Bruce Kent CND Vice President sent his best wishes for the coming result #
... 1 day ago.
Nae nuclear weapons here
Add your pin to the map and say No Nuclear Weapons Here.
Trident and Independence
Referendum is an opportunity for nuclear disarmament
Scottish CND Education
SCND Education - Nuclear Weapons Debate
Schools take part in the Nuclear Weapons Debate

Scottish Election

Contact your candidates and let them know what you think about Trident and nuclear power. Information on candidates and their views are on