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Generals letter against Trident


Three senior military figures have written to the Times calling on the Government to rethink Trident.  Field Marshall Lord Brammall, General Lord Ramsbotham and General Sir Hugh Beach say:
"Now that the Treasury has come clean on the Ministry of Defence having to bear the full cost of any successor to Trident, surely the time has come to recognise and accept that in a completely changed world we no longer have the military need for such a deterrent and certainly not for an 'all-sining, all-dancing' version as planned."


They go on to argue that the "so-called independent" force will not deter any likely threat and could never conceivably be used.  The Generals point out that if the Government feels it must keep Trident they could continue with the present force for 15 years. They conclude:

".. by this time the anachronistic and counterproductive aspect of our holding on to a nuclear deterrent would be even more obvious".

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