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ScottishCND "We are seeing squeezes on budgets while money is wasted on Trident" - @NicolaSturgeon #
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ScottishCND Have you got your photo with Big Sandy? Look out, he might be in your area today.
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ScottishCND Leap in support for Yes in latest YouGov poll shows independence, and rejection of Trident is within reach 47/53 Y/N #
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Faslane oil spill shows poor safety standards

ImageScottish CND today claimed that the recent oil spill at Faslane, which has contaminated eider ducks in the Gareloch and resulted in the death of at least one bird, is only the latest example of the poor safety standards at the Trident base.

Alan Mackinnon, chair of Scottish CND said:

"This oil spill comes after the revelations in April of radioactive leaks into the Gareloch.  It is yet further evidence of Faslane's lack of concern for the Scottish environment".

Reports from SEPA obtained by Channel 4 in April showed that there had been a catalogue of failures in radioactive waste management at the nuclear submarine base.  

One document said “This is a cultural issue which HM Naval Base Clyde needs to find a way to address”.  There were 8 leaks of coolant from submarine reactors over a 10 year period.  A spokesman for SEPA told Channel 4 that if Faslane had been a civil nuclear facility they would have threatened to close it down.

SEPA’s concerns about radioactive waste management at Faslane were reported by Rob Edwards.