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Michael Portillo - Trident is all nonsense

Former Tory Defence Minister Michael Portillo gave a damning verdict on Britain's nuclear weapons programme on BBC This Week. In response to the question "Should Trident be renewed?", he replied "No, I think it is all nonsense". Then when asked "Should we have any kind of nuclear deterrent?" Portillo said, "No, it's completely past its sell by date. It's neither independent, because we couldn't possibly use it without the Americans, neither is it any sort of deterrent, because now largely we are facing enemies like the Taliban and Al Quaeda, who cannot be deterred by nuclear weapons.


It's a tremendous waste of money. It's done entirely for reasons of national prestige and at the margins it is proliferation". In contrast, Labour MP Tessa Jowell said that the Labour Party supported Philip Hammond's plan to spend millions of pounds on Trident replacement, in advance of the formal decision to proceed with this the new system in 2016. Video (31 min 30 secs)


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