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In the run-up to the UK and US invasion of Iraq in 2003 it became increasingly clear that, even amongst those who believed they were well informed about the activities of the military in Scotland, there was a shortage of up-to-date information about what happened where. With a significant majority of Scots opposing an invasion of Iraq without a UN mandate it was clear that such information was crucial to allow an informed debate. With the continuing (and possibly never-ending?) "War on Terror" such information continues to be of vital public interest. If Britain does face the possibility of major terrorist attack then all Scots have the right to know both what the potential targets are as well as what steps are being taken to defend us.

The list that follows not only contains details of current, operational military installations, but also includes those that performed important functions during the Cold War but which are now closed. Whilst it is clear that soldiers from Scottish regiments have played (and continue to play) a major role in both Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, this report does not look at their organisation in any great detail. All information contained in this report has been drawn from publicly available sources - primarily newspaper cuttings and the Internet. We have not used any information that was not already in the public domain. It is not intended to be either comprehensive or complete. Only a selection of military establishments in Scotland has been included.

We would welcome any corrections, amendments and any additional information. We hope to produce further revised and updated versions of this report at regular intervals.

The list has been sorted and arranged from North to South and into the following regions: Orkney and Shetland, the Highlands and Islands, the North East, West Central and the South West, and finally South East Scotland. This report is intended to be a modern appraisal of the important military facilities outlined in Malcolm Spaven's book Fortress Scotland, published in 1983 by Pluto Press. The report highlights changes in military facilities in Scotland since the end of the Cold War and emphasises that the 'War on Terror' means that Scotland still has a critical role in present world conflict, and could continue to do so in the future.

Ordnance Survey grid reference co-ordinates for each location are listed beside each entry. Maps and aerial photographs can be viewed online by typing the co-ordinates at: www.getamap.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Entries with the symbol m were still operational at the time of going to press. The symbol l beside an entry indicates that the site is no longer used for military operations.


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