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7. Scatsta, Shetland. (HU 388 725)

The US Coast Guard established a monitoring station using a Loran-C transmitter in 1967 on the south shore of Sullom Voe. The Loran-C transmitter was an important component of US Cold War marine surveillance and tracking. As well as providing maritime navigation to civilian vessels, Loran-C transmitters support the navigational equipment onboard US Navy and Royal Navy nuclear powered attack submarines, and SSBNs. The Scatsta transmitters can still be seen above Sullum Voe, although they are now thought to be fully automated. They may also provide navigational assistance for the tankers that dock at the Sullom Voe oil terminal. Further information about the area, and a picture of the Scatsta transmitters above Sullom Voe can be found at www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk

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