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66. Coulport, Loch Long. (NS 211 874), (NS 212 896)

Royal Navy armament depot where Britain's Trident missiles are stockpiled. Coulport is part of HMNB Clyde, being just six miles from Faslane[74]. Miles of heather-covered peninsula have been desecrated and turned into Britain's atomic bomb store. Coulport has the ability to store 36 Trident warheads.

Explosives Handling Jetty at Coulort

In October 2004, a report in the Sunday Herald revealed there had been 10 fires and 72 false alarms at Coulport. "There are three or four events a year that have got the adrenaline going," said Tom Ward, the superintendent in charge of Coulport. "But the location is not here by accident. We can absorb the consequences of a reactor or weapons incident within Coulport."

For more information on Coulport visit www.banthebomb.org/wire/

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