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64. Campbeltown Loch, Kintyre. (NR 740 194)

Fuelling station at Campbeltown

NATO POL oil and refueling depot. A nuclear submarine z-berth at the same location is no longer operational. Regular maritime exercises take place in the deep waters of the Arran Trench and Kilbrannan Sound off the east coast of Kintyre. In November 1990, four crewmen on the Carradale fishing boat, Antares, were drowned after its nets were "snagged" by the submarine, HMS Trenchant, which was taking part in a six week 'Perisher' exercise training submarine commanders. Prior to this there had been over 100 fishing boat accidents in UK waters where submarine activity had been suspected, but this was the first time that the naval authorities admitted liability probably because local knowledge of submarine operations was too robust to discredit.

In the autumn of 2004, four 'Upholder' diesel powered submarines sold by the UK to the Canadian Navy took part in a six-week exercise in these waters. Later there was a fatal fire aboard HMCS Chicoutini 100 miles off the Donegal coast on route to Canada".


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