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14. Broadford Bay, Skye. (NG 654 246)

Nuclear Submarine Z-berth established in 1963. The berth consists of a mooring buoy in Broadford Bay, on the South West of Skye. Like the berth in Loch Ewe[10], the mooring in Broadford Bay is within two kilometres of civilian houses, and nearly 1200 people are affected by its presence. Should a nuclear accident take place, the inhabitants would have to take a potassium iodate tablet, as the radioactive iodine released could cause thyroid cancer. Highland Council released details of their safety scheme to deal with nuclear emergencies in January 2004, and conducted public meetings in Aultbea[10] and Broadford to explain the health and safety reasons for the decision to pre-distribute stable iodine tablets to occupied premises within a two kilometre radius of the Z-berths in the same month. Details of the safety scheme, 'Highsafe' can be found at www.highland.gov.uk.

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