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10. Aultbea, Loch Ewe, Wester Ross. (NG 872 876)

NATO Z-berth nuclear submarine oil and refuelling station, and mooring buoy. In 1995, there were 17 Z-berths in Scotland, which according to the Royal Navy, are used for operational and recreational visits by nuclear powered submarines. (For further information on Z-berths, see appendix A.) Nevertheless, the proximity of some civilian dwellings to the berths is potentially hazardous. The fuelling station jetty in Aultbea is less than two kilometres away from the houses of 507 people and as a result the Royal Navy distribute potassium iodate tablets to the inhabitants to combat the possible effects of radiation poisoning. In 2004 Highland Council announced that stable iodine tablets would be pre-distributed, a decision that caused a lot of concern locally.

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