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A Peace of History
Scottish CND's 60th anniversary exhibition and website
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Peace Education - Resources, talks in schools, The Nuclear Weapons Debate
School speakers, Resources, The Nuclear Weapons Debate
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Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

(Peace Chain Around Faslane 15 June 2008 www.roystpierre.com)

Scottish CND has members across Scotland. We are one of the largest and longest running peace organisations in Scotland campaigning against nuclear weapons and for a nuclear-free world.

Scottish CND's main priority is opppsing the Government's plans for a new Nuclear Weapon System. On 14 March 2007 the House of Commons decided to replace the Trident nuclear weapon system. But on 14 June 2007 the Scottish Parliament opposed this. Find out how your MP and MSPs voted and let them know what you think.

Scottish CND is one of the organisations in the Scotland's for Peace initiative. This is a broadly-based campaign to make Scotland a force for peace and justice.

Scotland's for Peace are campaigning for a People's Budget for Peace. Our most recent event was a gathering in Glasgow on 25 October 2008


For the latest news see the Scottish CND blog