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The Scottish Government is exploring how it can obstruct the UK Government’s plan to renew Trident. Alex Salmond has announced that they will host a summit on nuclear weapons on 22 October. One week later, on 29 October, trade unionists will gather in the STUC to discuss how to diversify away from nuclear weapons. These developments will give a new impetus to the campaign against new nuclear weapons.

Scotland’s for Peace is organising a march and rally in Edinburgh on 3 November with the theme “People and Parliament against Trident”. This will be an opportunity for the general public to show their support for the stance taken by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government. The event is supported by the key organisations in civic Scotland, including the churches, Muslim Association of Britain and the STUC. Please help to ensure that there is a large turnout at this important event. Help to publicise the rally by distributing leaflets or posters in local venues or workplaces. Encourage family, friends and colleagues to come along.

we will assemble at 11.30am outside the Scottish Parliament then march up the Royal Mile and into the centre of the city for a rally with speakers and music.

On 9 September the Sunday Times reported that the First Minister would try to use transport powers to ban the movement of nuclear weapons on Scottish roads. The following day the Scotsman said that Mr Salmond is also considering using the Government’s environmental powers to obstruct the programme to renew Trident. The paper quoted the response from the UK Government – ‘this is just undergraduate gesture politics … he knows he can’t really do anything about Trident’.

A big turnout for the Demonstration on 3rd November will be important to show solidarity with the Scottish Government and the Parliament. And let us not forget the MPs. It is Westminster Parliament where the key decisions about Trident are made and it is that parliament which could vote to cancel it. Remember to lobby your MP as well as your MSP.

Jim Devine MP who resigned his government post over Trident


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